Thursday, April 15, 2004

The world needs more women like this.

On CNNFN today Irshad Manji talked about the need to reform Islam and how Muslims (and non-Muslims alike) need to start thinking critically about the Koran. Manji, a Canadian raised Muslim, discussed how the war in Iraq (and the subsequent securing of women's rights) may affect the future of Islamic faith as it relates to Fundamentalism.

She has just come out with a new book. On a topic this personal to people, you will of course find people who either loved and hated the book. I will try to find it if I can and decide the merits of her work by myself. But I am glad that she has stepped up to the plate to lend a voice for a more moderate form of faith.

Update: If I can find a transcript of her interview, I will post it later.

Update #2: I could, so I didn't.

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