Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Somebody Please Listen to Me!!!

So, in his infinite wisdom (a Noble Peace Prize means he knows what he is talking about) Arafat is putting his foot down and claiming that US backing for Sharon will destroy the peace process.

Is it me, or has Arafat been sleeping for the last year. Peace process? There isn't a whole lot of peace in the area. At least Sharon is doing something (the merits of which are open to debate in the comments section).

Arafat reminds me of the 60 year old actress who walks around in vintage clothing expecting her agent to call. You know, the one who used to be popular back in the day: "I used to be a star!"

Not that I have any respect for Arafat, but he is wearing thin even the dignity that I give all human beings. He should just keep quiet and look into his new career, movie critic.

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