Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Democrats and Money

So, as it turns out....The Democratic National Convention will be held in Boston this year. There were cheers from the local businesses of Boston who thought that holding the convention would be a $122 million boon for the local economy. And there was much rejoicing in the streets. And a choir of Angels looked upon Boston and God said "It is good".

And then the choir of Angels took out some maps and realized how bad it was going to be to coordinate a Democratic National Convention in the least well designed city in America. Now I have lived in the Boston Metro area for many many years. And I love the city's charm. But anyone who has ever commuted to work in Boston will tell you....it just ain't laid out too well.

So now commuters and businesses are starting to realize that because of security, this entire endeavor might not be as profitable as they originally thought and that Boston might end up losing $25 Million out of the entire deal. Democrats taking your money? Who would have ever thunk it?

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