Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Fellow Americans: Don't be so arrogant, your Congressman sucks too!

Yes. I am talking to you. And to myself. With the release of the latest Gallup Poll from this July, it seems that American's have an approval rating for Congress of just...wait for it...14%. Yes, you did read that correctly 14%. So, pay attention when I tell you this: Your Congressman, the one that you vote part of that 86% that everybody thinks sucks.

Oh, don't be so conceited. You're probably thinking “Well, my Congressman can't possibly be part of that 86%. It's the other peoples' representatives that are doing such a bad job”. And YOU.ARE.WRONG.

Year after year, we keep voting in the same people. And year after year, we get the same craptacular results. So, year after year we keep voting in the same people. Do you see the pattern yet? I tell you what, if you don't believe me, put your hand on the table, hit it with a hammer as hard as you can, and then put your hand on the table again. Sure, you might have some broken bones and some bleeding. But I am willing to bet that at least 14% of your hand is still ok. So, are you going to hit it with a hammer again?

Only in the Me-Centric world that is today's America could we ever delude ourselves to believe that we have voted to represent us, a group of people who constantly do so little good for our country, and not take any personal responsibility for it. This shifting of blame to someone else is even more mind boggling if we blame the “other guys' Congressman” instead of our own. And quite frankly, I am sick of it.

I say, replace the whole damn group. Every one of them. We're already changing Presidents, so let's get in with a clean slate. I will be voting out any incumbent that I can this fall. And any of them that aren't up this election cycle will be gone the next.

Right now you are planning your rebuttal. You're rubbing your hands together between mouse clicks and ready to pounce on my every point like a well trained Japanese Robotic Personal Friend. And now you're saying “But we can't do that! These people are experienced! We need them!” To which I will respond, “Ok, I understand. Put your hand back on the table. Here's a hammer...”

This “experience” you are talking about has given us what? 30 years of no real energy policy. A budget deficit that is approaching, oh let's see, somewhere north of 9 TRILLION DOLLARS, pork barrel spending, corruption, and more fun.

They work about 110 days a year, and make $165,000 a year for it. Oh, and after 5 years, we're stuck with the tab for lifetime pension and benefits.

But hey, don't worry about it. It's not your Congressman that sucks, is it?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Welcome back, Mr. Kotter

I'm back.

And you don't even remember me.

My name is Gilly, the previous proprietor of "Gilly's World". GW was a blog of mine back in my hey day somewhere in 2003-2005, where I posted nonsensical rantings on many a random topic including work, politics, money and my lack thereof, and just about anything else I was so inclined to type for you people.

After a hiatus of many moons, I have found myself bored and decided to get back in the game.

So, what does this mean for you? Nothing really. Unless you come here and visit.

What you'll get are random thought, some humor, and my general outlook on life.

To give you a taste of the awesomness that was me back then, I'll archive some of my old work so feel free to click at your leisure.