Tuesday, April 27, 2004

One More for the Road

*This piece is not for sensitive eyes*

One more thing before I head to bed. I love the Democratic Underground. They have some of the nicest and most eloquent people. And they supply with me with almost as much material as a John Kerry interview.

In a fresh post to the DU, mopaul (who is a rather prolific typer) has the following thoughts about something that will never happen anytime soon (i.e. the draft):

i've raised 3 fine children into adulthood, the youngest is 20, and you ain't gonna get him bush! i don't know exactly what i'll do, but believe me, when you start drafting our children to turn into killing monsters you'll have me, mo paul, to deal with! you won't get away with it. you want to play war president? grab a fucking rifle cowardly asshole! where were YOU in viet nam you crackhead?
the day the draft is launched, soon after your planned coup de tat election theft #2, your ass if finished! we will take to the streets to protect our sons and daughters from your draft plans. and if your own two daughters are not immediately drafted, we will kick your ass! if my fine son wants to go fight for you, he will, and i won't stop him. but if you FORCE him to go, you will see an uprising and a civil unrest like you never dreamed of sissyboy! fuck you and your draft plans asshole, it won't work. we won't allow it! we will see the white house BURNT DOWN before we let you and your insane war profiteers offer up our children to your god of war and profit! you lied to us all about iraq, and 9-11 and every other fucking thing and now you're lying about the draft. you send army recruiters right to my front door with little white envelopes and i REFUSE TO ANSWER! fuck your army recruiters! you want a fucking war? do it yourself fuckhead! leave my son OUT OF IT!

Now, I didn't edit any of that. That is all (mo) paul. And while I would never get between a dog and his bone, I do have a couple of thoughts (of course):

1) Chances of the Draft Resolution ever passing unless we got into a fight with say...China, are slim to none. The Draft bill that is in the House is HR 163 and it hasn't been touched in over a year. The Senate version (S.89) couldn't even get one co-sposor. Like I said, if we get into WWIII with another large nation (or bloc), we might have to bring back the draft. But we would probably do that anyway (unless of course we resorted to nukes, then all bets are off). Is our military streched thin? Absolutly. Are there still bad people who need killin'? Absolutly. But until the Sec. Def. says that we need a draft, I am not going to waste digital bits typing about it (any more than I have wasted here).

2) The US military is meeting nearly all of their recruiting and retention goals. There isn't the massive flood of military people leaving after their service is up. Could it be that maybe the soldiers on the ground there know a little more about what is happening than either you or I?

Our military has been a volunteer service for almost 3 decades and it is the best in the world. And just about everyone in Washington on both sides of the aisle aim to keep it that way. So take it easy there big guy. If we ever have to go back to a draft, then you will have plenty to be angry about. But it won't be Iraq that does it.

Hat Tip: Dizzy Girl

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