Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Kyoto a No-No

After Russia decided to not ratify the Kyoto fiasco, it pretty much made the entire thing worth less than the nice paper it was written on (and think of how many trees we had to cut down to make that paper!) But you won't see me crying about it. The entire basis for it was flawed and unfair to the US (which means that it was pretty much a bad idea from the get go).

Now don't come crying to me because I say that it was so flawed that it would wreck the US and never had a chance in hell to be ratified. That's just the plain truth. The US produces 25% of the world's pollution, yet we also drive about 55% of the world's economy. So give me a break if I don't think that the most penalized country (the US) in the treaty doesn't want to follow it.

Now, you might be saying "But Gilly, I am a whiny European who loves the Earth! You should do this on principle!" Good point. I mean if countries should follow the Kyoto treaty on principle, they would follow it even before it was implemented, right?

Hat tip: Dean

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