Monday, April 11, 2005

Subscribe the NYT or NUCLEAR WAR!!!

It's Saturday so of course North Korea is threatening the US with nuclear war. God, Kim Jong-Il is such a drama queen. Not a week goes by that he doesn't threaten someone with a nuclear weapon that he may or may not have. If it wasn't for the fact that I still have 6 years and 60,000 miles left on my Hyundai warranty, I'd say we get the hell out of S. Korea and let them deal with the wacko.

I swear, the guy threatens war over the stupidest little things. Like last week. I got a call from Kim Jong-Il and it went something like this:

KJI: He'woh. Is this Gilly?
Me: Yes
KjI: Your kitty had defiled its litter box! You will..
Me: What?
KJI: I said your kitty has defi...
Me: I heard you the first time, but how did...
KJI: You will....
Me: how did you know?
KJI: we just know! you will empty this box of death or we will declare NUCLEAR WAR!!!!
Me: nuclear war?
KJI: Yes
Me: on my kitty?
KJI: Yes, No!!! On you.
Me: On me and my cat?
KJI: No!!!! On America
Me: Um, ok, I'll get right on that...
KJI: And your cat food....not good for kitty's coat. You will switch to MaoMix or you will have NUCLEAR WAR!!!!
ME: Mao Mix?
KJI: Yes. It's very good. I use it on my cats and the are as happy as those cats on the television commercials I don't allow my people to watch...very happy.
Me: Ok, Kim, I trust you.
KJI: Very happy...
Me: Um, ok, yeah, happy. I got to go and fix that 'litter box of death" so I've got to let you go...
KJI: Change it or you will have NUC...
Me: Yeah, Yeah, I got you the first time, nuclear war....bye. click

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