Saturday, April 10, 2004

Cry My Beloved NASA

So NASA decided to extend the life of the Mars rovers another 6 months... am I the only person out there that is saying "Well, duh"? We spent how many hundreds of millions of dollars on these things and so far they have only gone about 2,000 feet. In my opinion, they should drive these things until the fenders and the floorboards are rusted out.

And another thing. If they so desperate to find standing water on this planet, why the hell didn't they land the rovers within driving distance of the polar ice caps? I mean, which geniuses decided the best place to look for life was in the middle of a crater in the middle of the desert?

Listen, I am all for space exploration and trips to Mars. And I know our geeky friends over at the Kennedy Space Center think this entire endeavor has been a huge success. But if we're going to make a Tyco race car to zoom around the surface of another planet, we should have the folks at Volvo design us something that will still be trucking after 100,000 miles.

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