Wednesday, November 3, 2004

The Election

12:20 If it ain't over yet, I'll heckle it in the morning...

12:05 Ron Silver has lost his mind. "You can be a certain ethnicity...and tell people you voted for somebody else."

12:03 Oregon goes to a Democrat. Shocker.

11:51 Specter fights back and wins his seat. No comment.

11:43 Susan Estrich is not only drunk, but she is drunk bloviating. I mean, that doesn't mean that she is wrong. But even a tanked-off-her-ass clock is right twice a day.

11:40 Susan Estrich is back on tv. I think she is somewhere between drunk to hangover stage, but I am not sure. If she burps up tommato juice, then I think we'll have the entire thing figured out.

11:31 Ron Silver: Looking for his career in the bushes.

11:20 Arizona goes to Bush. About Fricken Time...Seriously, you guys are breaking my balls here. Arizona goes to Bush? What? Do you want a fricken medal?

11:17 This race is killing me. Someone please call something. I don't care what it is. Hell, call Bill Frist a tranny. I don't care.

11:06 Washinton State goes for Kerry. Did you know that there is an area called Walla Walla? There is. And they sell Watermellons.

10:59 Everyone is too damn chicken to call anything. Brawk. Bruck. Bruck. Brawk!

10:52 With the exception of Brian Williams being Crap-tacular, MSNBC has been the best in the election coverage so far.

10:38 As of 10:38, Thune is leading Daschel in SD

10:25 Drudge Calls Utah for Bush....197.

10:21 Benson (R-NH) makes a comeback in his Governer's Race.

10:17 Christ, Barak Obama's wife just introduced him as "my baby's daddy".

10:14 Missouri goes to Bush. Bush is at 193.

10:12 Still no suprises...though the thought of Arlen Spector getting waxed would be nice if not for the fact that a Democrat was taking the seat.

9:59 Hey New Hampshire...snap out of it and make up your mind already!

9:48 has Kerry surging 11 points today. Take it as you will, but, like the youth vote, I gotta throw the BullShit flag.

9:45 Talking about bloggers and the youth vote. Let me tell you what...there hasn't been a state where the youth vote has tilited the vote away from who was supposed to win.

9:39 Mathews jokes that Republicans being Red States wasn't taken from the Soviets during the Cold War....I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he's just been up too many hours.

9:26 Louisiana and Mississippi to Bush. Bush 171. Kerry 112.

9:19 Mort Kondrakie tried to diss the blogosphere and looks like a dork...updates at 11. And I was lame enough to use the term "diss".

9:00 Bush gets Texas and Kansas. Kerry gets New York. The sun will rise tomorrow and Russian people like vodka. Wake me when there is a shocker.

8:51 Susan Estrich is on Fox News and looks very drunk. If she is topless by 10 pm, then I predict a Kerry Victory.

8:45 Bush is over 100. Just over 1/3 of the way to the 299 that I predicted.

8:42 Bush wins Virginia...that one was big. If Kerry takes Virginia, Bush would need to change his shorts.

8:20 NC to Bush. Bout Damn Time. Bush-81. Kerry-77.

8:15 SC to Bush. Jesus, they made us sweat for that one.

8:08 All of the top blogs down. Yet my blog is coming up fine. Shows you where stand on the food chain.

8:03 I need NH to go for Bush if I am going to win the Fantasy Election League. Come on baby, do it for Daddy.

8:02 No big suprises yet. Yet.

8:00 Illinois, Mass, Maryland, Connecticut, Maine, and Jersey to Kerry with 0 votes counted. Rednecks and the Soooners carry Bush. I think they are just flipping coins at this point.

7:52 Craig Benson(R) is getting his ass handed to him in his NH Governors Race to the Democrat.

7:36 Bush will win W. Virginia. 0 votes counted with 0% precincts reporting so far. But MSNBC has never been wrong...

7:30 Bush over 1,000,000 popular votes so far...must be nice to be so loved.

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