Tuesday, November 2, 2004

This Election Cycle

These are the things we have learned over this last election year.

In this election we have seen Swifties, Bloggers, Haliburton and Rather. We have learned the terms moonbat, MemoGate, what the hell a Wonkette is and why she almost always has something to do with anal sex.

We have seen a group called MoveOn refuse to move on. George Soros has become both a villain and a rock star, which is not bad considering he is both Hungarian and in International Finance. And America has made 527 the second most well know tax code deliniation since the 1040.

Bloggers have speculated, pontificated, and regurgitated just about every kind of information that you can think of. A Generation of Americans have now come to grasp how the hell the Electoral College works. And many are even debating its merits.

We've seen that Bush still doesn't know how to talk. And we've learned that Kerry looks like a dork when he tries to play any sport other than hockey. And we've all learned that Big Daddy Edwards doesn't go on stage on unless his hair is Demo-fabulous.

We've learned that some people have lost their fucking minds, fucking minds, fucking minds, and fucking minds. We've seen the 24 hour news cycle kill and then overkill stories. And we have seen an entire candidacy die with but a single scream.

Hell, somehow Jim Treacher even made it onto the Wall Street Journal.

And in the end, we have seen almost $3.9 Billion dollars spent for people to get out their message. We've been pundits and we've watched and read the pundits. We've watched the debates, we've debated the debates and in the end?

Nobody has any idea how the fuck this thing is going to turn out.

But it's been fun.

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