Sunday, April 11, 2004

Golf and Society

So, I am watching the Masters golf tournament yesterday. And Arnold Palmer is finishing his last round ever at Augusta. And the crowd is just clapping and yelling "Thanks Arnie!" and it all a very emotional time. Now this is the 50th year in a row that he has played in this tournament? Can you imagine? 50 years! He's 74 and he can still whoop 98% of the golfers in the world.

Men like Palmer, and Jack Nicklaus, and Gary Player are from a different generation. These men are giants among golfers and are a group of men that we could only pray our future generations would emulate. They played with class, professionalism, and with a respect for the game that is hard to find in sports today.

The will be missed from the game, but will always be part of its history. I could only hope that the youth of today will learn the values of those who came before them.

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