Saturday, June 5, 2004

I Want My Money Back

So I was watching the news today and the Japanese parliament had a rumble. This is like the 4th one in the last year. Is anyone else as unimpressed as I am?

Man, when you think of Asians fighting, you think of Kung Fu and Jackie Chan and shit. All you get from these parliament fights is a bunch of shoving (though seeing someone break out a shoe to hit the opposition is pretty fun to watch). I see Taiwan politicians wanting to knuckle down and I am thinking:

The only thing that would make this cooler is a six pack and a side of ribs. But instead of Monday Night Football, all I am getting 9 on 9 flag football from the Bayside Retirement Community.

I want to see hand to hand fights like you see in the Matrix. Like a PM jumps off of his lectern and does a 360 spin kick to the Minority Party leader. It'd be kick ass if he was able to rip the heart out of somebody's chest and show it to him as it stops pumping like in Indian Jones. Now that is what I call filibustering.

South East Asia better step up to the plate and deliver us some action, or America will stop paying attention to that part of the world for good.

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