Thursday, May 6, 2004

My problem with Internet dating.

There was a blog on Salon that talked about Internet dating portals for Conservatives. And I thought "hey, it would be cool to meet a chick who wasn't a damned hippy and liked to shoot things with guns!"

But my problem is that while I am conservative, I am not a social conservative. I am more a libertarian on social issues. I like to go out and party, I like the Man Show, and I am not part of the Religious Right. I am what some people call a South Park Republican? What I am, though, is a fiscal conservative.

And then I thought, yeah, they should have an internet dating site for people like me who are only fiscally conservative? And then I thought, how many chicks are going to search a site that features fiscal conservatives?? Probably none that I would want to meet. What would one of their profiles read like?

In my spare time I enjoy reading books at Barnes & Noble, saving money by walking everywhere and reading day old newspapers. Oh, and clipping coupons makes me soo hot!?

So I don't think I will be seeing any time soon.

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