Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Environment Check

I was reading the "letters to the editor" section of my paper today, and I realized something.

About half of all Americans are idiots. And at first I thought "Hey, you shouldn't say that about your countrymen!"

And then I realized that these people are pretty much all democrats (though we do have some right wing idiots too).

One person wrote in and said, "The Bush Administration is systematically destroying the environment? And then I looked out my window. Yep, the environment is still there.

Even if you live in New York City, the environment is still there. It just comes in three flavors: Central Park, concrete, and asphalt.

And I just looked out my window again卍ang environment is still there.

With 3 candidates as different as they are, if the environment is the issue that decides who you vote for, then you probably aren抰 going to vote for Bush anyways.

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