Monday, September 1, 2008

Fun Fact of the Day

I got bored this afternoon, so I did a little research. The Tax code of the United States is actually part of the much much bigger Code of Federal Regulations. And when I say big, you have no fricken idea…

So, I did the number crunching because you would have never thought of wasting that much of your day:

Section 26 of the Code of Federal Regulations (that deals with the tax code):

Number of Books (yes, it’s in books): 20
Number of Pages (you may want to sit down): 14,796
Weight (want to lose weight, go hiking with it): Approx 34 pounds.

Now the number of pages and weight will vary slightly depending on which published variation you get. And with the weight, I went easy on you and did it in the paper back.

And just for comparison sake, the King James Bible clocks in at around 1,300 pages and 3lbs. depending on who publishes it.

And here is the point:

The Bible takes 1,300 pages to show you how to live your life to be a good servant of God.

The tax code takes almost 15,000 pages to tell you how to be a “good taxpayer”.

Remember folks, these are your tax dollars at work...if only you knew where in the tax code to find it....

And this is only one part of the Federal Regulations your congressmen have blessed you with...

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